Our Team

BRTG is dedicated to presenting top tier firearms training and tactics, that will prepare LEO, armed professionals, and citizens, who may encounter deadly force situations.

Mac, Owner/Instructor

Mac is a detective with the Gastonia Police Department and has over 25 years of Law Enforcement experience. He was a SWAT Team sniper for over 10 years and was the Sniper Team leader for several years. He was over Sniper Training and Teaching sniper schools. Mac attended the USMC Advanced Urban Sniper School. Mac is still involved with teaching and tactical training for civilians and law enforcement. Mac is a NC General Instructor and a NRA certified instructor as well as Carry Concealed Certified Instructor. He enjoys teaching and specializes in Tactical Carbine and Long Range Precision. Mac has Class 7 FFL license with a Class 2 SOT. Click to Message Mac for further information


Scott, Instructor

Scott retired as a Sergeant with the Gastonia Police Department with more than 16 years of experience. He was a member of the GPD SWAT Team for over 13 years. Being a member of GPD SWAT afforded him unique opportunities to be trained by FBI HRT as well as a member of the US Navy SEAL Team 6. Scott has been involved with the Gastonia Sniper Conference since its inception in 2007. He conducts security walkthroughs for businesses and houses of worship as well trains employees and congregations in Active Shooter Preparedness and Response through his company Safe Haven Solutions. Scott is a NRA Certified Instructor with emphasis on rifle education and instruction.

Eric, Instructor

Eric is a Gaston County, North Carolina native. He is currently a Sergeant with the Gastonia Police Department and has been with them since 2009. He is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a BS degree in Criminal Justice as well as a Masters in Criminal Justice from  East Carolina University. He is currently a Team Leader with the Gastonia Regional SWAT Team and member since 2011.  He is a North Carolina Certified Instructor, specializing in Firearms, Less than Lethal and Rapid Deployment, as well as our Carry Concealed Certified Instructor. Eric has an absolute passion for instructing and it shows in his students. Eric is a Certified Glock, Smith & Wesson and Colt Armorist.

Eric, Instructor

Eric is a current Sergeant with the Gastonia Police Department with more than 20 years of experience. He was a SWAT Team Sniper for over 12 years and was the Sniper Team Leader for several years.  He was over Sniper Training and Coordinating Sniper Schools. Eric attended the USMC Advanced Urban Sniper School. He has competed in several sniper competitions. He coordinated and runs the Gastonia Sniper Conference and other Precision Shooting events. Eric is still a Team Leader on Tactical Teams and is a NC Certified General Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor as well as Carry Concealed Certified Instructor. He enjoys teaching all aspects of shooting disciplines and specializes in long range precision. Eric is a Certified Glock Armorist

Dave, Instructor

Dave is a patrolman and police training officer for Gastonia Police Department with 5 years of experience. Dave is currently a Sniper with the Gastonia Regional SWAT Team. He competed in the 2019 Gastonia Sniper conference and the 2018 Carolina Tactical Match. Dave is a Concord native and attended UNC Charlotte where he obtained a B.A. in Criminal Justice. He is a NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor and a Carry Concealed Instructor.